R556A2 Suppressor
A 556 Suppressor For Any Rifle

The KGM R556A2 is a robust suppressor designed to meet and exceed SOCOM specifications for full-auto firing, accuracy, repeatability, sound suppression, and minimal impact on a rifle’s operating system.

It achieves this by efficiently managing gas flow to ensure minimal disruption to the rifle’s performance. By redirecting the gas flow away from the bullet’s flight path, it enhances precision. Simultaneously, the engineered gas flow passes through the suppressor to reduce flash, recoil, and sound.

The R556A2 is built to last, featuring high-quality stainless steel components and laser welded together, ensuring an extended service life, even after enduring years of hard use. The R556A2 was built to handle M855A1 from barrels as short as 6.5”.

The R556A2 includes one, 1/2×28 QD Flash Hider.

MSRP $975

ConstructionStainless Steel & Inconel
Diameter1.75" (44.5 mm)
Length (w/o mount)6.4” (162 mm)
Weight (w/o mount)19.4 oz (552 g)
Color(s) AvailableBlack and FDE Cerakote


  • Rugged materials and laser-welded construction for extended service life, even during aggressive full-auto firing schedules.
  • Integrated Gas Flow (IGF) design eliminates over-gassing and reduces toxic gases for the shooter.
  • Stoichiometric internal design and a shrouded, integrated gas flow end-cap with flash-hider, achieve superior flash reduction.
  • Gas flow design and precision manufacturing enhances rifle precision, minimizing point-of-impact changes.
  • Reduced sound, pressure, and tonal changes in firing decrease shooter signature and increase effectiveness.
  • Quick and secure attachment with quick-detach mount featuring a tapered shoulder for rock-steady attachment with secondary retention.

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