The KGM LMG-SD is a robust suppressor designed to excel in suppressing belt-fed machine guns with minimal impact on the host operating system, effectively reducing toxic gas blowback and heat transfer.

This accomplishment is achieved through precise gas flow management, resulting in less than a 5% change in bolt speed/rate of fire. By redirecting gas away from the bullet’s flight path, the LMG-SD enhances precision, while its engineered gas flow significantly reduces flash, recoil, and sound.

Constructed to withstand the rigors of heavy use on belt-fed machine guns, the LMG-SD incorporates high-quality stainless steel and high-temperature alloy components, meticulously laser-welded for durability. This ensures an extended service life even after years of rigorous use.

Designed to handle sustained fire, the LMG-SD excels in versatility and durability, meeting the demanding requirements of belt-fed machine gun applications. The LMG-SD is rated for use with .338 Norma machine guns and is well-suited for common belt-fed models such as the M240, M249, M60, and PKM.

Caliber5.56mm to .338 Norma
ConstructionHardened Stainless Steel & Inconel
Diameter2.75" (70 mm)
Length (w/o mount)6.4” (162 mm)
Weight (w/o mount)41 oz (1162 g)
Color(s) AvailableFDE Cerakote