Military & law enforcement Agency sales

KGM Suppressors offers products to agencies through sales partners and via direct sales depending on customer and product needs.

For direct inquiries, please contact:
Bill Bracken
Director of Government Business Development

KGM offers agencies:

  • Test & Evaluation samples pending availability
  • Payment terms for government purchase orders
  • Testing of suppressors with agency host firearm and/or ammunition for sound, flash, recoil, and/or bolt speed with agency provided firearm and/or ammunition.
  • Service/maintenance program

individual Military & law enforcement officer sales

KGM Suppressors is proud to offer an individual service member/first responder discount program. Products are available via ExpertVoice.

KGM can also handle direct sale courtesy discounts, please see below for eligibility requirements of this program.

Law Enforcement
• Sworn law enforcement officers with powers of arrest, including Federal, State, County, City, and Tribal (also includes retired with “retired” credentials.)
• Corrections Officers, including Parole and Probation Officers
• Nationally recognized security company, state-licensed security companies and state/city-licensed security officers
• Federal Flight Deck Officers
• Court Judges, District Attorneys (including Assistant and Deputy District Attorneys), and Solicitors
(including Assistant and Deputy Solicitors)
• Law enforcement academy cadet

First Responders
• Full and Part time (volunteer) firefighters
• EMT, tactical EMT or Paramedic – employed by a fire department, law enforcement agency or ambulance service (certifications alone do not qualify)

Military Service
• Active, Reserve or National Guard personnel with ID (also includes retired with “retired” ID.)
• Veterans honorably discharged from service. (DD214 or other redacted discharge documentation)

Eligibility Documentation
• Email from your official government email address, or cc your government email address if emailing from a personal email address, or
• Proof of military service, such as a copy of your redacted discharge paperwork, VA Health ID Card, VFW/Foreign Legion ID or Drivers License denoting “veteran” status, or
• If no ID, a letter on department letterhead signed by your Chief/Sheriff or supervisor confirming your employment status, or

• Other documentation supporting your status.

Please email with appropriate documentation or with questions.