About KGM

Service Disable Veteran Owned
KGM Technologies is an 07/02 FFL service-disabled veteran owned innovation -driven company focused on the cutting -edge of technology and manufacturing. We specialize in the areas of small arms suppressors, material surface and coating technologies, exotic materials, weapon systems, OEM manufacturing, and other related industries.

We pride ourselves on having an innovative research & development team led by our Founder/CTO Kyle Grob. Our CEO, Richard Cope, is a retired US Marine Corps Officer that has overseen billions of dollars of government contracts throughout his career.
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KGM Technologies is licensed and registered with BATFE, ITAR, and a verified vendor with USFCR.

We comply with all local, state, and federal laws. As a service-disabled veteran owned small business, KGM can assist you with meeting your SDVOSB set aside requirements.

What makes kgm unique?
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Rick & Kyle

KGM Leadership Team

In September 2019, Richard Cope and Kyle Grob, the two co-founders walked through the door at KGM with no employees, a 32,000sqft empty building, and a vision to be the largest and most innovative technology company in the small arms weapons space. KGM’s CEO, Richard Cope and Founder/CTO Kyle Grob encompass over 40+ years of R&D experience in industries and institutions including DARPA, Nuclear Power Generation, Defense, Energy, and Industrial Manufacturing.

Richard Cope CEO – Entrepreneurial executive delivering high-tech, high-impact growth from research to sustainable revenue, propelling bottom line results. Team motivator and innovation driver building vision-focused producers in dynamic environments, with 40+ issued/filed patents. Lauded by the Hudson Institute as the creator of the best Public-Private DARPA Partnership in history. Special Operations Advisor to General Schwarzkopf during Desert Storm. USMC (Ret).

Kyle Grob Founder/CTO – Extensive experience in tool design, welding, advanced metallurgy and research and development for a robotic welding company specializing in nuclear and petrochemical applications and the industrial manufacturing process. Founder of KGMade, LLC, an innovative research and development machining fabrication shop focused on the development and manufacturing of firearms and suppressor technology. KGMade expanded and rebranded as KGM Technologies in 2019. A lifelong shooter with hands on weapons experience who has leveraged his knowledge of weapons platforms and suppressor technology into products used by DOD, LE, and civilian personnel alike.


KGM Technologies focuses on the innovation of sound suppressor technology and producing sound suppressors that retain current system accuracy or improve accuracy, zero flash, and recoil reduction with significant Net Sound Reduction (NSR).


KGM works with end-users to find gaps within their capabilities, then develop custom solutions that have real word applications for the modern battlefield.


KGM has a multi-million dollar 32,000sqft manufacturing facility with the best equipment from around the world. We currently manufacture over 25,000+ sound suppressors and related componentry per month for Civilian, Military and Law Enforcement use.