About KGM

Service Disable Veteran Owned
KGM Technologies is an 07/02 FFL service disabled veteran owned leading-edge technology and manufacturing company. We specialize in developing small arms sound suppressors, advanced weapon systems, material surface and coating technologies, exotic materials, as well as OEM manufacturing. We pride ourselves on having an innovative research & development team led by our Founder/CTO Kyle Grob. Our CEO, Richard Cope, is a retired US Marine Corps Officer that has overseen billions of dollars of government contracts throughout his career.
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KGM Technologies is licensed and registered by BATFE and ITAR.

We comply with all local, state, and federal laws. As a veteran-owned company, we can assist you with meeting your VOSB and set aside SBA award goals.

What makes kgm unique?
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Rick & Kyle


KGM Tech’s tenured staff of veterans, engineers, professional marksmen, developers, and industry professionals can assist any organization with a custom initiative from the simplest of requirements up to large scale projects, including the US Military, SOCOM, DARPA, Department of Defense, and the FBI.

Our executive team encompasses over 40 years of R&D in industries and institutions ranging from DARPA, Nuclear Power Generation, Defense, Energy, and Industrial Manufacturing.


KGM Technologies focuses on the innovation of sound suppressor technology and producing sound suppressors that retain current system accuracy or improve accuracy, zero flash, and recoil reduction with significant Net Sound Reduction (NSR).


We work with end users to find gaps within their current capabilities, then develop custom solutions that have real world applications for the modern battlefield.


We are currently manufacturing 25,000+ sound weapon suppressors and related componentry per month in our state of the art 32,000 sq. ft. facility.